Remedies & Readings

free  Vibrational remedies are remedies made from organic plant life, like flowers or trees, that work on the subtle system of our body and mind. Remedies are made by using different parts of the plant to make an essence or we can extract the essential oils and use the aroma of a flower.


The remedies work primarily on the emotional aspects of our personality and if we can change our mood, we can more easily heal. Remedies are chosen by looking at the signs & symptoms of any imbalance that presents in the emotional system and/or by choosing aromatherapy or flower essence cards that intuitively appeal to you. Yes, you get to choose cards and participate in your session!

Readings are like consultations – we sit together and talk about what changes you would like to make in your life, and then we match remedies that suit any negative aspects that may be holding you back or restricting your true potential and any aspects of our personality or habits that we want to change or eliminate.

Appointments can be made to see Susi the Naturopath at The Soul Centre in Chapman Street.



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Susi B - Self-Helpreneur, Artist & Naturopath - Art is Therapy

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