About Art & Soul

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
~Scott Adams

Being creative is about expressing your feelings and having fun! It is relaxing and can be very therapeutic to get in the zone and draw, paint, or play with clay.

At ‘Art&Soul’ we believe it is  more productive for an artist to be having fun, doing something that you love and just having a go, than worrying about if it is ‘right’ or not.

Our motto is “just do it!” perfection will come later….


Susi & Franz Baumgartner set up Art & Soul to create a welcoming space to showcase their own and other Artists’ work as well as provide tuition and the space to learn how to practice art and learn new skills.

Drawing Classes available Monday Evenings: Click here for info

Find us on Facebook: Check out our Shop!

Support us with a Donation!


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