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Art & Soul is at the heArt of it all….heart-and-soul2

Thinking,  thinking, and planning…..we want to bring our creative arts program to the forefront of our purpose as artists. I believe the main reason for being creative in the first place is to experience joy….joy for the maker and joy for the viewer.

and….there are so many ‘lost souls’ around today, people who feel ‘lost’ or ‘worthless’ or like there is no purpose in life….let me have the luxury of sharing with you what I have realised: this is a big fat lie that you have been told or taught somewhere along the line and I know this because I spent my whole life trying to refashion that lie into something worthwhile….and the only way I managed to re-create my life into one that is based on the true reality, is thru allowing myself to be ‘creative’.
It is a wonder I even tried to be creative, but i had a good mentor who believed in the benefit of doing and who encouraged me to just ‘do it’ and not be bothered with the ‘hows and whys’ (thanks FB)

So now we are in the position to offer what we have learned over the years to those who are seeking and ready for a change in their lives….aren’t you sick of the misery and void.

Still working on the logistics of it all (like how to present, fund, promote this project…) but I wanted to start the momentum rolling and keep it rolling by talking about it and when it’s written down…it starts to happen ❤

love you all for listening… xxx SusiB


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